Cousins, Muffins & More

I have a fantastic family.  I mean really, super fantastic.  Sure they’re all a bit cooky.  And yes, they occassionally get on my last nerve.  But they’ve always got my back and I know how blessed I am to have them.

Just a month or so ago I contacted my little cuz Cherie for help.  Wow… she’s not really little anymore.  I mean its kind of hard to keep perspective when you can actually remember being there at her house when her mom was in labor for her.  Not to mention all the summers I babysat her, taking her to swimming lessons and toting her around the mall pretending she was my kid.  But, the truth is she’s not a kid anymore.  She’s an absolutely beautiful, totally talented lady and I’m very proud of her.

So when I recently got the opportunity to participate in a cookbook collaboration with some other writers, who else would I call on than my capable culinary cousin, Cherie!  You’ll have to get the cookbook for her recipe, but Cherie was fabulous enough to bake a batch of yummy blueberry muffins and take pictures of them too.  Isn’t your mouth just watering?  Mmmm… So keep an eye out for the IWU Cookbook 2012 where you’ll be able to get a recipe for Langston’s Very Berry Blueberry Muffins.

Bitten Shame Excerpt:

“Shit,” Kent hissed, running his hand through his hair, “I should’ve known once the dust cleared they’d pull this.  Where is he supposed to meet them?”

Langston laughed as he moved towards the kitchen where he removed a tray of piping hot muffins from the oven, “Come, Kent.  You yourself suggested you would give Nicky more credit than that.  As I stated, he is on his way here.  He has ignored their communication.”

“What do you suppose they’ll want with them?” Devan asked. 

Until just a few days ago they’d not seen each other in years, but Jill knew her friend well enough to see the gears turning in her head.  Instead of pressing her on it, Jill waited.

“It is possible they may send them on our original mission to ensure that it is complete.  There is no way to know whether killing Adriel is the end of the Org.  Also, they may be called upon to bring us in, Kent and I that is.  Or, more likely, they might be ordered to bring you in, Devan.  The Company will naturally be curious about the new faery-witch.”

“No, we can’t do that!  What would they want with her?  There’s no way to know…” Jill insisted, her angst evident in the tone of her voice.  When Langston gave her a glance she immediately fell silent.  She saw Devan had noticed the furtive look passing between them and read the concern in her friend’s gold-brown eyes. 

It took a moment for Devan to break her gaze from Jill’s, then she finally turned to Kent, “You once told me Nicky does this for money.  What would be the going rate for his services?”

Langston’s face was overtaken by a huge smile even as he set the steaming muffins, now on a platter, before them on the coffee table, “You have an idea, little one?”

Don’t forget, Bitten Shame, will be released in just a few months so keep an eye out!

And if you just need to read more about our Bend-Bite-Shift friends, don’t forget to grab a copy of Cupid Painted Blind.  It’s available for ereaders at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I’ll have signed paperbacks available by the end of this month too!

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