It’s Live! New Year New Boo is here!

NYNB Release

Happy New Year! 

We’re all hoping that 2021 is not only going to be a happier, more hopeful time . . . but also more FUN. 

That’s why these six authors decided to put together a paranormal romance/urban fantasy anthology NEW YEAR, NEW BOO–a collection of light stories that all involve new beginnings. 

Releasing January 21st–and only available through the month of February–you can get your copy wherever you buy books!

Grab your little bit of fun today!

Twenty-twenty-one. Time for some fun!

A Half-Cocked Vampire by Tina Glasneck – Baby witches are cursing the moon, large unexplained crystal monoliths are sprouting up around the world, and supernatural doom is on the horizon…

New Promise, by Julie Trettel – He’s made it clear I’m not what he wants. It’s time to prove him wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to change his mind. I’m a wolf, not a chicken shifter.

Fated Mates by Brittany Lawrence You shine like a beacon of hope when you share your happiness. The world can see it. So can the darkness.

Something in the Water by Elva Birch – Something strange is going on in Anders Canyon.

Catnipped by Tawdra Kandle writing as Tamara Kendall-I’m a brand-new shifter slayer. When my first assignment pairs me with a super sexy angel and a hot, brooding shifter-and lands me deep in other-worldly political intrigue-I begin to wonder if I might be in over my head.

The Reaping of an Alchemist by Olivia Hardin- I’m willing to risk the depths of Hades to save my sister so when a dark and sexy reaper agrees to transport me, I’m willing to pay almost any price.

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