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Best Served Cold Signed Paperback

Best Served Cold Signed Paperback
Best Served Cold Signed Paperback

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Best Served Cold Signed Paperback

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Manufacturer: Tawdra Kandle
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I’m smart enough to choose love over revenge . . . aren’t I?

Liam Bailey is the golden boy of Birch College—he’s hot, rich, a track star and the only son of a popular senator. For nearly a year, I was the lucky girl on his arm.

That is, until he dumped me in the most spectacularly humiliating way.

I’m over him now. I mean, do I want some payback? Sure. When the opportunity to plot my revenge comes along, I’m not going to pass up the chance.

But I hadn’t planned on meeting Jesse. He’s cute, intelligent and the way he looks at me takes my breath away. Jesse is everything I ever dreamed of, and even better, he feels the same about me.

When I realize that my revenge scheme might get in the way of my new love, my choice should be easy. Only . . . I really want to see Liam squirm. I need him to feel as bad as I did. But do I want that so much that I’m willing to risk Jesse?

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