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Enlightened Signed Paperback

Enlightened Signed Paperback
Enlightened Signed Paperback

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Enlightened Signed Paperback

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Manufacturer: Melissa Lummis
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A healer with her own demons falls for a vampire who could save her soul or condemn it to hell.

Loti Dupree has lost everything that ever mattered to her. Her sense of direction, her purpose, and the love of her life. She has no idea how she's going to go on without David . . . or that she's the last of an ancient lineage of healers thought to be extinct.

But 500-year-old vampire Wolf Arrighi does.

Wolf has been living outside the boundaries of his own kind for centuries, avoiding the vampire world with all its egotistical pleasures and exquisite pain. And for centuries, he's been seeking her, racked with a craving only she can satisfy.

But when their worlds finally collide, their passion ignites an entirely new and entirely dangerous elemental magic, attracting an ancient evil hell-bent on possessing Loti for his own selfish desires.

As one by one, the people she loves become casualties in the monster's dangerous games, Loti is forced to choose between saving them all or saving the one who saved her.

Lummis introduces readers to a dark and seductive world full of vampires, witches, and ancient healers. If you love Laurell K. Hamilton and the bite of True Blood, you will devour this series!

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