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I'm willing to risk the depths of the Underworld to save my sister.

When my vampire sister Jill lost her lover years ago, she slowly began surrendering her will to live, so to keep her grounded to the living, I buckled down and studied hard to get the education that meant so much to her. But now my hard-fought graduation has come and gone and I know that time is running out to find a permanent answer to the problem of her depression.

I've found a potion that just might fix things for good, but I'll have to go to the Underworld to get the last ingredient. When a dark and sexy reaper named Ric shows up on my doorstep to transport me, I'm willing to pay almost any price. Something about the man draws me in, but when I slip away from his protection to get the precious final element of my spell, I accidentally turn all the monsters of Hades against us.

How can I complete my mission when the cost of it threatens the life of the first man who's ever set my blood on fire?

The devil's made a wager for my soul and I'm just foolish enough to take her up on it.

It's my turn to save my sister, so grudgingly I'm hitting the books to grant her wish and keep Jill locked into the land of the living at least for the moment.  To make matters worse, a dragon-shifter is toying with me, and not in the way I like. I was looking forward to a scorching-hot encounter, but the man just wants to "date" me. I'd like to forget he exists, but try as I might, getting laid by a voracious dragon is one temptation I can't pass up.

And that's not even the most important thing on my radar. I'm a singer who dreams of snagging a record deal and hitting it big, so I know I can't afford to pass up the chance to audition for a nationwide talent show. When one of my competitors needles me into making a bet that I'll defeat her in the competition, I can't help but wonder if I'm in over my head.

I'm confident in my talents, but when I discover my nemesis is a demon, I realize I might not only lose my big break, but also my soul.