OH’s Awesome 2021 Plans

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The Teeny Bit Magical Duet begins on January 21 in the New Year, New Boo Anthology and Book 2 releases March 1!

The Reaping of an Alchemist
I'm willing to risk the depths of Hades to save my sister.
I’ve found a potion to keep my sister grounded to the land of the living, but I’ll have to go to the Underworld to get the final ingredient. When a dark and sexy reaper agrees to transport me, I'm willing to pay almost any price. But slipping away from his protection to complete my personal mission sets all the monsters of Hades against us and threatens the life of the first man who's ever set my blood on fire.

The Burning of a Demon
The devil's made a wager for my soul and I'm just foolish enough to take her up on it.
My sister wanted me to go to college and I've finally taken the plunge. But I'm not happy about it. And to make matters worse, some dragon-shifter is toying with me, and not in the way I like. I was looking forward to a scorching-hot encounter, but the man just wants to "date" me.  But I'm also a singer who dreams of snagging a record deal and hitting it big. I can't afford to pass up the chance to audition for a nationwide talent show. When one of my competitors needles me into making a bet about the competition, I can't help but wonder if I'm in over my head.

Order today!
Order today!
The next Experimental series by Lili Von begins this May!

And to my beloved niece, I do hereby give, devise and bequeath all of my estate, including but not limited to… a sex shop.

My great Aunt Ida willed me her sex shop… er, correction, her "adult novelty store"—or at least that's what her attorney says is the proper term. I've never even stepped foot inside a sex shop, so the prospect of owning one is overwhelming, especially considering my experience with sex is limited at best.

I'm a numbers girl, so I can appreciate the profit showing on the books of my aunt's business. But just because I can add doesn't mean I know the first thing about selling sex toys. Thankfully, Aunt Ida left me instructions, including a strong recommendation that I keep her assistant on to show me the ropes. But when he insists on using demonstrations to teach me all there is to know, I begin to worry that I'm in way over my head.

Will this experimental shopkeeper get the shock of her life when she puts herself at the mercy of her new employee?

All that was in the Way (wrap) copy
A brand-new standalone romance coming soon!

A dead sister. A new friendship. Is love enough to save her?

Inside the walls of Katie's home she's built a refuge, surrounded by memories and accompanied only by the ghost of her sister. When her heart is stirred by someone new, the possibility of another life begins a slow seduction.

Can she tear loose her sister's hold on her heart and escape the prison of her own making or will she remain lost and alone forever?

A heartbreaking yet beautiful story of life, love and the ghosts that get in the way

"I-hope-I-have-time-for-this" Books
No Such Thing as Broken Heart
 A Love & Found / Rawley Family Crossover Event!

Annie from Love& Found plus Tamara from The Rawley Family Romances will bridge these two series with two fantastic stories.  From frozen Alaska to steamy Louisiana, these two gals will find their one and onlys.

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